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What is a draw event in MLP?

The occurrence of the online draw of the number at a particular time daily is termed as a Draw Event. There are mutiple Draw Events packed for a day. Each Draw Event has a unique name like Emerald, Ruby, Fortune and Ice.

What are RP and PP?
  • RP stands for Reserve Points. All the points won in a Draw Event are credited in the RP wallet of the player. Player can make withdrawals from this wallet only.
  • PP stands for Playing Points. When user makes deposit then Purchased Points are credited in the PP wallet. Player can use Points available in PP for playing only.
  • Also Player can Transfer points from RP into the other wallet PP for playing.
What are Bid Categories?

A player can select his lucky number categorised under various categories like CRA, DR and T-20.

What is CRA?
CRA : Common Right Advantage

A players can choose a two-digit number out of hunderd (01,02,03,....,98,99,00)options. Player can win in two ways in this category:

  1. If the both digits of the number you choose match exactly with the drawn number, you win 20X of the bid value
  2. If only the right-most digit of the number you choose matches with the right-most digit of the drawn number then you win 8X of the bid value.


If the CRA number chosen is ‘25’ and the points assigned are 10 points then if:

  1. If the drawn number is ‘25’ itself then a player wins 20 times the points assigned.
    Thus, 10*20=200 points are won.
  2. If the number drawn is any number other than ‘25’ whose “Right side” digit is ‘5’, as in 05,15,35,45,55,65,75,85,95 then the player wins 8 times the points assigned.
    Thus, 10*8=80 points are won.

What is DR?

A digital root is a value obtained by an repetitive process of adding digits until a single-digit number is reached.
For example :

  1. The digital root of 34 is 7, because 3 + 4 = 7.
  2. The digital root of 97 is 7, because 9+7=16 and 1+6 = 7.


If the digital root of the number chosen is DR(7) and the points assigned are 10 points then:

  1. The player will win 8 times the points assigned if the number drawn is any of the numbers whose digital root is 7 i.e., any number out of the numbers.

Referral code benefits and when?

Player can refer the game to another person and get referral benefits. Please refer the Referral page for details.

Win points receive method

After the number is drawn the winners receive the points won within few minutes in their RP wallet automatically.

What is MLP?

MLP stands for MY LUCKY POINT. A Unique game of numbers with far more winning possibilities.

Download links

You can download the Android App and iOS apps from the our website "www.betmacan.com".

How can a player make withdrawals?

  • Player can make withdrawals upto 5000 euros amount within 24 hours. However, players KYC should be approved to carry withdrawals more than 2000 euros.
  • Player can make withdrawals any time subjected to conditions. Plz refer the website for details.

What is the limit of deposit amount?

Player can deposit upto 5000 euros amount within 24 hours if the available balance is below 500 euros.

What is T20?

There are five pre-defined groups containing 20 numbers each as shown below:

  1. First Group – T1 (01-20) contains numbers : 01,02, 03,….,18,19,20;
  2. Second Group – T2 (21-40) contains numbers : 21,22, 23,….,38,39,40;
  3. Third Group – T3 (41-60) contains numbers : 41,42, 43,….,58,59,60;
  4. Fourth Group – T4 (61-80) contains numbers : 61,62, 63,….,78,79,80;
  5. Fifth Group – T5 (81-00) contains numbers : 81,82, 83,….,98,99,00.


If player chooses T2 (21-40) and the points assigned is 10 then player wins 4 times (10*4=40 points) if the number drawn is any of the numbers out of 21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40.

What is the last bid time before an draw event?

A bid can be submitted and edited until before the last 5 minutes from the time of the respective Draw Event.

When can a player do bid modify or delete?

A player can modify or cancel a bid anytime but upto just before 5 minutes of the respective Draw Event. A bid cannot be modified or deleted once the respective Draw Event is over.

When can a player place the bids for an draw event?

A player can place bids for the upcoming Draw Events well in advance anytime during the same day. For example one can place bids for the 4th Draw Event while placing the bids for 1st Draw Event. However Bids can be placed for the same day only.

How can I check what number combinations can be tried to cover the maximum possible range of numbers?

Player can check various combinations of the numbers by the CALCULATOR provided in the system. Player can try all the categories and choices to see how can maximum numbers be covered.

How to place bid in MLP?

  1. Select a DrawEvent from the available list of Drawevents.
  2. Select a Bid category
  3. Choose an Option from the pop-up screen against the selected Bid Category
  4. Select Points
  5. Submit
  6. Confirm the bid on Bet Slip to place the bet.

How can all transactions be tracked?

Player can keep a track of all the transactions in the Account Summary section.

How can a user manage Deposit's and Withdrawals in MLP?

MLP is integrated with renowned PSPs to enable its users to make transactions safely,securely and conveniently.

What are DrawEvents?

There are online draws happening at respective scheduled time. Each scheduled draw time is called a DrawEvent. There are 4 DrawEvents in MLP. There are 4 DrawEvents daily:

  2. RUBY
  4. ROYAL